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Terms and Conditions

The act of completing your registration for a course conducted by G & J Courses requires you to confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following Terms and Conditions.  Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is therefore implied in the act of submitting a completed Registration Form.

Registration and Payment Procedure

  1. Places on each course are limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, on receipt of completed registration form and full payment for the course.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, courses conducted by G & J Courses are open only to persons over the age of 16.    Course attendees are not to be accompanied at a course venue by children or minors under the age of 16.  
  3. Registration for courses can be completed online at the G & J Courses website (www.gjcourses.com.au).   A pdf copy of the registration form is also available on the website – this can be downloaded and completed then sent by email or post to G & J Courses.  Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted.
  4. The attendee agrees to pay the course fee in full at the time of the registration by secure PayPal transaction (it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to complete this transaction) or bank transfer.    Payment must be made in $AUD and received by G & J Courses within 7 working days from receipt of registration form.  
  5. G & J Courses reserves the right to refuse your registration if the registration fee has not been received within 7 working days from the date of registration.   Refusal of registration for non-payment of fees will be notified to the attendee by email.   Should G & J Courses refuse (by issue of an email stating same) a registration due to lack of prompt payment, the registration can only be reinstated by completion of a new online registration form, together with payment via PayPal.    
  6. Any “Early Bird” fees advertised will only apply if the fees are received by the advertised ‘Early Bird’ closing date. ‘Early Bird’ fees received after the advertised closing date will not be accepted. 
  7. The course registration fee does not include bank transfer fees or travel / accommodation expenses. Attendees are responsible for payment of all such third party charges.
  8. If applicable, GST (10%) will be added to all course registration fees paid to G & J Courses for courses conducted in Australia or its territories, and is payable at the time of registration.  
  9. Once a fully completed registration form and payment in full have been received by G & J Courses, the registration process will be complete. G & J Courses will subsequently confirm the booking in writing to the attendee by e-mail, to the email address listed on the course registration form.  All subsequent communication and information will be emailed to the address provided on the course registration form.


Discounted Registrations

  1. On some courses a limited number of discounted places are available for bona-fide students or members of certain organisations.  Student ID, or proof of affiliation, must be attached to registration forms when claiming these discounts.    Registrations will not be deemed complete and accepted until appropriate proof of eligibility has been provided and checked.



If a course is altered or cancelled by G & J Courses

11.  G & J Courses reserves the right to alter course programs, dates, venues and speakers, should this be required.  In such circumstances, G & J Courses will give as much notice as possible to attendees.   Should any alterations of the advertised date or venue of a course cause the attendee to be unable to attend the course, the attendee should notify G & J Courses in writing immediately, and a full refund of course fees will be made to the same card or bank account from which the registration was originally paid. 

12.  G & J Courses (in association with a declared Business Partner on some courses) reserves the right to cancel a course if circumstances occur which would make the course unviable.  In the unlikely event of cancellation of a course, course fees will be refunded in full, to the same card or bank account from which the registration was originally paid.  

13.  G & J Courses is not liable to the attendee for any loss incurred by an attendee as the result of an alteration to, or cancellation of, a course.  It is recommended that attendees make flexible travel and accommodation arrangements.  


If you cancel your registration

14.   If an attendee cancels their course registration after acceptance and allocation of a place by G & J Courses, course fees may be refunded subject to the following conditions:

  1. All cancellations must be made in writing and received by G & J Courses, either by email (courses@gjcourses.com.au) or by post at 56 Curlew Terrace, River Heads 4655, Queensland, Australia.   Receipt of notice of cancellation will be acknowledged in writing to the attendees email address as shown on the registration form.   
  2. If cancellation of your registration is received more than 4 weeks prior to the course, a refund of the course fees, less a 5% cancellation fee, will be made to the same card or bank account from which the registration was originally paid.    
  3. If cancellation of your registration is received between 4 weeks and 1 week prior to the course, a refund of the course fees, less a 10% cancellation fee, will be made to the same card or bank account from which the registration was originally paid.
  4. If cancellation is received less than 1 week prior to the course a refund will not be made unless a replacement for the attendee’s place is found by the original attendee.    In this case, upon receipt by G & J Courses of the replacement registration and payment, the registration fee (less a 10% cancellation fee) will be refunded (to the same card or bank account from which the registration was originally paid).
  5. If agreed to by G & J Courses and the party who paid the original registration fee, a replacement can be substituted for the original attendee without further fee or penalty. 

15. If illness or the unexpected death of an attendee or a close relative requires an attendee to cancel their course registration, written notice must be given to G & J Courses as early as possible.   The circumstances and reasonable supporting evidence will be considered by G & J Courses on a case-by-case basis with regard to a refund of registration fees and the possible waiving of cancellation fees.    

General Conditions

16.  G & J Courses cannot be held responsible for course attendees’ spam filters blocking receipt of course information emails or communications.    It is the attendee’s responsibility to configure their spam filters to allow emails from G & J Courses (courses@gjcourses.com.au) into their inbox.

17.  Attendees must ensure that G & J Courses is notified of any changes in their contact details.  G & J Courses cannot be held responsible for an attendee not receiving course information or notification of course changes if up-to-date contact details for the attendee have not been provided.

18.  G & J Courses protects the privacy of all persons registering for courses (see our Privacy Policy).  All personal details collected will be used exclusively by G & J Courses and its advertised Course Business Partners, for registration purposes, for the distribution of course-specific information, and to notify users of future courses. Other than as may be required by law, personal details will not be passed on to unassociated third parties.  

19.  We recommend that all persons attending our courses have appropriate personal Accident and / or Income Protection insurance and Health cover in place to cover all personal and health liability risks and risks of injury, particularly bearing in mind that some courses involve practical sessions with physical activity and/or live animals.      In completing your registration form, including acknowledging you have read and understood these Terms & Conditions, you absolve and hold harmless G & J Courses from any liability for injury or health issues arising as a result of your attendance at the course, and for any loss of personal income that may result from such injury or health problem.

20.  Speakers / instructors are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information presented and for adherence to copyright law.  G & J Courses shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors which may arise in either the spoken or written word of a presenter, or for any copyright law violations by a presenter. 

21.  On courses where attendees are provided with access to an electronic (pdf) version of Course Notes, the attendee agrees to respect and adhere to copyright law.  Reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution of the Course Notes in whole or in part in any medium requires the written consent of the author(s) of the course notes, and by G & J Courses. 

22.  The attendee gives permission to G & J Courses to take photographs during the course, which may be used on the G & J Courses website, and in course advertisement e-mails or brochures.   Business Partners of G & J Courses (organisations providing speakers or instructors, or major sponsors) may also be provided with photographs taken during a course and granted the right to use those photographs in their business promotion activities.

23.  Attendees give permission to G & J Courses to use any of the written feedback that they provide on their course feedback form, anonymously (without name) on the G & J Courses website, in course announcement e-mails or brochures.  If G & J Courses wishes to use the attendee’s name and business association (where applicable) in advertising feedback, G & J Courses will first contact that attendee in writing to ask for permission to publish that information.  


Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By completing the online or printed registration form, the attendee acknowledges to have read the general and course-specific terms and conditions and to be aware of being subject to the above general use and cancellation policies.


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