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Vet PD

VetPD - Veterinary Professional Development is a global leader for first-class practical, hands-on continuing education courses for veterinarians worldwide.

VetPD's speakers and instructors are hand-picked world-renowned experts in their fields, openly addressing the lecture topics with a high level of practical clinical relevance and by encouraging interactive discussions.   They are happy to share their experiences, successes as well as failures, address ‘grey zone topics’ and share invaluable practical tips and tricks during the small-group sessions.   

All courses worldwide are offered in English and combine highly illustrated lectures with 7 – 8 hours of practical instruction in genuine small groups (2 – 4 vets per ultrasound machine).   VetPD organises plenty of live animals and specimens, providing an ideal environment for the attendees to further their practical skills.  Veterinarians attending VetPD courses can expect maximum personalised training in a practical interactive setting and go home with new diagnostic and therapeutic skills that can be immediately applied in their practice.

Equitation Science Internationa

Equitation Science International (RTO TOID 41254) is internationally recognised as the first accredited training centre dedicated to improving horse training using an evidence-based and ethical approach.

Established in 2013 at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre in Clonbinane, Australia, Equitation Science International offers qualifications in equitation science, a new and exciting field for horse handlers, trainers and coaches.

First developed by Dr Andrew McLean, Equitation Science International and its graduates are paving the way for a more modern and ethical approach to horse training and coaching that can be easily understood and applied by both horse professionals and enthusiasts.

The field of equitation science first emerged as a discipline in 2006 to combine learning theory, biomechanics and ethology to examine the salience and efficacy of more traditional horse training techniques.

As the welfare of horses in sports and the future of these sports are continuously scrutinised, equitation science holds great promise in providing a clear, systematic and sustainable approach to horse training, based on the principles of learning theory.

Put simply, equitation science prioritises how the horse learns and, in doing so, it aims to inform and improve horse-human interactions both in hand and under saddle.

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Animal Expert Witness Service is a group of veterinarians and other university trained professionals with different areas of expertise across a wide variety of animal species who provide expert witness services for legal cases.   AEWS deals with legal cases concerning all animal species including horses, dairy cattle, alpacas, sheep, beef cattle, goats, pigs, dogs and cats.   

AEWS was founded in 1987 by veterinarian, Dr John Stewart BVSc (Hons) MRCVS, who was, at the time, Director of Horse Management Studies at Marcus Oldham College (Victoria, Australia).   Soon, solicitors started seeking experts who specialised in species other than the horse, and the business has expanded to now supply from a pool of more than 50 experts across 10+ species.   The business today is headed by Susan Stewart B.Bus (Agriculture), with Dr John Stewart supporting in an advisory capacity.

AEWS has an extensive network of contacts, both within Australia and overseas, and are proud of their record of identifying experts for (sometimes unusual!) cases.    Today, in addition to sourcing expert witnesses for legal cases involving animals, AEWS also provides support and training for experts new to legal work.



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