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G & J Courses Spring News 2018

We have had a busy end of the Winter season in 2018, with 4 courses conducted for our friends at VetPD - Veterinary Professional Development in August and September.

During early August,  were joined by two enthusiastic groups of equine vets in Melbourne and in Singapore for a 2-day practical postgraduate course on "Orthopaedic Emergencies and Wound Management".    Two more groups of equine vets joined us in Sydney and Cambridge (New Zealand) at the beginning of September for another practical postgraduate VetPD course "Ultrasound of the Mid Distal Limb and Stifle".      Your Aussie horse vets certainly work hard and invest in keeping their knowledge and practical skills up to date - they'll be back for more VetPD courses throughout 2019, and we'll keep you informed about what they are studying for you.

 Wetlab 11 Fred Pauwels and Attendees

We have spent a good deal of 2018 planning for a course for anyone who works with horses (not just vets!) -  this course has been planned in association with Equitation Science International.    Originally we planned to deliver this course in early October 2018.    However, we've been approached by many people working in the horse industries to move the course to a date outside of the main breeding, racing and sporting season.    

We have heard you, and the  NEW DATE for this course will be  Friday 26th April 2019

Unfortunately we can't make it any earlier in 2019, as our speakers have commitments elsewhere until April.  

We have also added some significant discounts for people who wish to register and pay together as a group from the one workplace.

Here are some updated details - please pass the word around to your friends and colleagues!


Using Learning Theory to Solve Equine Behaviour Problems in the Workplace

1-Day theory and practical demonstration course with internationally recognised instructors.


Venue:     Sydney Polo Club, 100 Ridges Lane, Richmond (Sydney) NSW

Date:       New date!      Friday 26 APRIL 2019     



Andrew McLean PhD (Equine Cognition & Learning), BSc (Zoology), Dip Ed

Co-director,  Equitation Science International (RTO TOID 41254)

Daniel Bowcock Assoc. Dipl. Farm Management;   Cert 4 in Workplace Assessment & Training

Director, Safe Industries Australia Pty Ltd

Jonathan McLean   Assoc.Dipl. Horse Management, Dipl. Equitation Science (Eq. Behav.), Cert 4 in Workplace Assessment & Training

Director, Train To Win

 This one-day course is suitable for any horse industry worker who wishes to better understand how horses actually Learn,  and increase their skills and safety in dealing with workplace problems associated with equine behaviour.   

Horse industry business owners and workplace managers can promote this course to their workers as part of a strategy to help workers manage animal-associated Workplace Health and Safety risk, and at the same time improve workplace efficiency and job satisfaction. 

Discover how horses learn.  Use the scientific principles of Learning Theory to train horses to accept common procedures that often cause stress and safety issues in the workplace.    Create a safer, calmer and more efficient workplace, horses that are calm and willing to learn, and workers who can engage with horses safely, constructively and confidently.


During this course we will discuss horse behaviour problems that occur frequently in workplaces, including:

  • horses that do not stand calmly for examination or procedures
  • horses misbehaving on the lead
  • loading into a float, truck or examinatin stocks
  • horses who kick when their legs are touched
  • "needle shy" horses
  • "head shy" horses (touching head, ears, mouth)
  • "clipper shy" horses
  • fearful or aggressive reactions to procedures or restraint


Under instruction from experts, Andrew McLean and Jonathan McLean, attendees will spend the morning learning about the scientific principles of Learning Theory and gain an understanding of how its techniques can be applied to horse behaviour problems in the workplace in a safe and efficient manner.    In the afternoon, attendees will rotate around 4 instruction stations where our expert instructors will demonstrate how to practically apply the cornerstone principles of Learning Theory to achieve safe and reliable outcomes with teaching horses to accept various activities that commonly cause problems in the workplace.


To find out more about the course and instructors, download a full program, see prices, and register to attend, please visit our  Course Information Page 

We now have discounted registrations available for groups from the same business registering and paying together - email us at courses@gjcourses.com.au for more information and a group registration form!


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