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Short courses and training for professions and workplaces

G J CoursesG & J Courses is an Australian family-run business providing a variety of courses to the Australian community.   In particular, we concentrate on short courses and training for a range of professions and workplaces, which we run in association with businesses with particular interests in those sectors (see our Partners page).  We also provide general "personal enrichment" courses and adventures open to anyone.

We commenced operations in 2016 with an agreement to promote, produce and administer courses in Australia, New Zealand and Asia for a leading global veterinary professional development company – VetPD.  VetPD remains our largest client, and we work with them to produce 6 to 9 intensive professional workshops each year for veterinarians in the Australasian region.

Our courses may be accredited or unaccredited, depending on the topic and the business we are partnering to produce the course.  Accreditation status will be displayed on the course Information Page specific to each course.   

A common theme throughout most of our courses is practical components.  We really believe that seeing, reading and hearing should be backed up by doing for a rich learning experience.  This means most of our courses will have restricted attendance numbers, so that attendees can experience an intimate, small, practical group.

See our Facebook PageWe present a variety of courses at different levels to meet different needs:   

  • Continuing Professional Development courses that meet the needs of specific groups of professionals fulfilling their compulsory “Continuing Education” objectives  - these courses are generally restricted to members of the relevant profession
  • Courses to support workplace skills or workplace health and safety objectives, not restricted to a particular profession
  • Courses open to the general public, to improve specific skill sets and enrich life – for example photography, horticulture, environmental preservation

If you want to participate in one of our courses then go to the Courses page to see what is currently on offer.   

If you are a business looking for help to produce and promote a course, then go to the Partners page to see what we can offer you.  Courses may be  proposed by any business wishing to engage with any sector of the Australian community.   

We look forward to welcoming a wide variety of course participants, and also meeting businesses who wish to develop education and training opportunities but need assistance to produce, manage and market a successful course


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